Reo's Street Cafe

  • Project Date: August, 2018
  • Category: Design
  • URL:
  • Technology: Figma

The Story

Reo’s Street Cafe is a local shop serving a variety of sandwiches, wraps, and soups in Tampa Florida. Being a regular customer I thought the cafe could benefit from a new, user friendly website where customers could easily browse the menu, check out the daily specials, and be able to place an order via phone or an order form. Being inside a corporate building, the cafe mostly serves in-house employees and neighboring business within walking distance.

The Design

The website is purposely simple yet effective in showing what the regular customers want to know when looking for a quick lunch bite, which is the daily specials and the menu. It also allows the customer to sign up for a lunch specials newsletter, where the user can opt in to receive a daily email showing the special of the day.

The goal of the design is to allow undecided customers to quickly find and browse the menu, for regulars to see what the daily specials are and be able to reduce their lunch time decision making by being able to opt-in to receive emails announcing the daily specials. These features in turn will increase customer loyalty and create more awareness of the cafe.