• Project Date: August, 2016
  • Category: Design & Dev
  • URL:
  • Technology: C#, .NET, Js, Electron

The Story

MusicZen is a small Windows application I created to search, move, and organize a massive collection of mp3 files I had stored in a hard drive during the 90’s.

It started as a side project which I then decided to make available via my first website at Shortly after, I created a separate website just to showcase the application and blog about its features. The application was designed with the intention to be simple and self explanatory so that a new user is able to open the application and be guided to do what he is intending to do just by following the visual queues in the user interface. It is a single purpose app just for those looking to manage the moving and copying of MP3 files in their local machines, and it does that pretty well I may add.

The App

The first version of the app was completed in 2012. It was written in C# and built on top of the .NET framework. The initial design and wireframe was done in Balsamiq. Final UI design work was done in Expression Blend and coded in Visual Studio Pro 2012.

As of 2016 I started working on MusicZen version 2 which will be re-written in JavaScript and packaged using Electron. The new version will be cross platform, have an improved UI, better performance, and will be able to show you more results stats in comparison to version 1. You can check out the prototype here. Any feedback is welcomed and can be submitted using my contact form.

The Website

The MusicZen website is powered by WordPress and it was built with a custom theme designed with the application’s look and feel in mind. The first version of the site was wire framed, mocked and designed in Balsamiq and Fireworks. The new website was also created using a custom Wordpress theme and it was designed using Sketch.