Maria Ospina Homes

  • Project Date: February, 2019
  • Category: Design & Dev
  • Technology: Wordpress, Figma, PHP

The Story

Maria Ospina is a local realtor in the Tampa Bay area with over 10 years of experience helping clients find their dream home. Maria wanted to set herself apart by providing her clients with a unique and personalized online experience.

The Design

Part of the plan was to make a totally custom design for Maria and not make it look similar to other major realty platforms which to me are often cluttered with information. I wanted to keep things lean and with just the right amount of information for the visitor to want to take the next step and contact Maria.

The main goal was to encourage the visitor to start the search for their dream home and get to know the local agent that will help them the rest of the way. So starting with a nice introduction was essential. The visitor is able to browse and search the listings and view the most recent properties right from the home page, with the ability to click to be taken to a page with more details of the property.

In 2020, due to a change in priorities for Maria, the website is no longer online.