Leesa Sklover

  • Project Date: March, 2017
  • Category: Design
  • Technology: Sketch

The Story

I was introduced to Leesa Sklover by a former colleague and after meeting with Leesa I discovered she had a very interesting and varied background as a counselor, certified yoga teacher, environmentalist, and cetacean activist. She is also an active performer and songwriter. After listening to Leesa’s background I wanted to provide her with a website that will showcase her accomplishments, musical talents, and her services to her audience in a way that will make the visitor feel like they had met Leesa.

The Design

I used images of Leesa from her music venues with an earth tone overlay which I thought appropriate for her work. The main focus above the fold is on her integrative wellness counseling, relationship education, and consultation/coaching. This is followed by a short introduction to Leesa.

As a non-profit organizer, Leesa needed an area where the main event being promoted can be displayed and an event calendar where upcoming events, projects, and teaching sessions can be shown.

Leesa’s music and media section showcases samples of her latest work as well as provides a jumping off point to the various channels where her music and videos can be found.

An area with testimonials is followed by Leesa’s latest blog post. The page ends with a nicely laid out footer area with all the information needed to contact and find Leesa’s content on the web.

Unfortunately the project did not make it to development due to time and budgetary constraints.