Free Up My Time

  • Project Date: November, 2019
  • Category: Design
  • Technology: Figma

The Story

Free Up My Time is a small business in New Zealand specializing in IT support for local small businesses. Having once done my share of IT support, I was motivated to help Janine (the owner) set up an online presence where she can showcase her IT prowess.

The Design

I proposed a simple and clean design with a message that makes it clear what Janine does and a call to action that leads the visitor to a page where they can request a range of IT services. The idea was to keep it simple and focused but with all relevant information above the fold. The website was to contain all sections on one page with nav links that would jump to those areas. The logo was also re-designed to match the new website’s design.

Unfortunately the project did not move forward due to time and budgetary constraints.