Florida Bride

  • Project Date: June, 2015
  • Category: Design
  • Technology: Fireworks

The Story

I was approached by Florida Bride to work on a redesign for their website, which they expressed was a bit crowded and out of date. After an inspection, I did agree the site was lacking in modern web standards, was not responsive, and had an unnecessarily large amount of ad banners throughout the site with inconsistent placement.

The Design

I created a design that was clean of all the banners and distractions from the main hero section above the fold. I felt their banner placement took the attention of the visitor and prevented them from what they were there to do, which was to learn how to make their wedding the best it can be. So, I provided an easy path to the wealth of resources that Florida Bride Magazine provides to its audience via an easy navigation menu. I brought attention to the articles and the helpful stories, and placed clearly labeled adverts in between article widgets on the sidebar where the user can choose when to give focus.